An entity which has the capability to mimic the human actions.


A sequence of steps, that lead to a meaningful activity or task is known as a process.


Tasks happen automatically, i.e. without human intervention.

Robotic Process Automation

Automate high-volume work

Tackle repeatable tasks

Simplify workflows

Data Analytics

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Applications of RPA

Various fields in the world have already adapted to RPA such as :


Companies can use RPA for general accounting, operational accounting, transactional reporting and budgeting.

Financial Services

Financial institutions industry can use RPA for foreign exchange payments, automating account openings and closings, managing audit requests and processing insurance claims.


Healthcare industries can use RPA in handling patient records, claims, customer support, account management, billing, reporting and analytics.

Customer Service

RPA helps companies in enhancing their customer service by automating center tasks such as uploading/downloading documents, verifying information including e-signing.

Human Resources

HR tasks for companies can be automated, including onboarding and offboarding processes, updating employee information and time sheet submission processes.

Supply Chain Management

RPA helps in procurement, automating order processing and payments, monitoring inventory levels and tracking shipments.


MRTE (M) SDN BHD believes innovation and continuous improvement is the key factor to make the world a better place for future generation. Technology, Robotics, Software and Internet of Things drive us to develop highly innovative solutions for industries. We championed at providing comprehensive and integrated solutions for surveillance, business management, facility management, education and Artificial Intelligence.
Welcome to RPA by MRTE:

RPA by MRTE Sdn Bhd. First and only locally developed RPA in Malaysia with world class features

Developed by MRTE
internal team of certified
RPA engineers. Designed
with Data Analytics,
Artificial Intelligence and
Machine Learning.

Ready to enable full
digitalization of business
process, operational efficiency,
increased productivity and
most important, error free.

Easily programmable to
do basic tasks across any
applications just as
human workers do.


M-Bot™ is a RPA by MRTE Sdn Bhd and is the first and only locally developed RPA in Malaysia with world class features.

M-Bot™ is developed by MRTE internal resources of passionate certified RPA engineers whom look up to RPA technologies which can help to compliment human resources performing repetitive and boring work task.

M-Bot™ has been fully developed and is now ready to be implemented in various industries and/or sectors.

Three Components of M-BOT

M-Bot™️ Runner

An execution agent to execute the steps that defined in M-Studio. The agent machines require access and the necessary permissions for the application and files.


A powerful user friendly and low code authoring tool that allow user to develop and edit automation workflows within hours.


The heart of the automation management. It gives the power to provision, deploy, trigger, monitor, measure, track, and ensure the security of every robot in the organization, without the need of multiple virtual desktops.

3 Simple Steps to Use M-BOT™

Identify repetitive tasks to be optimized and automated.

Teach the bot when and how to do it.

Let the bot do the job. Just check once in a while.

Best for tasks with the following nature :

  • Repetitive Tasks
  • Manual Entry
  • Routine Based
  • Clear Rules
  • Structured Data
  • Disparate Systems

Employees love RPA because it means they don’t have to perform those high-volume, boring, tedious and mind-numbing tasks anymore. Instead, RPA free up their capacity to tackle other jobs with higher tactical priorities.

” RPA is not created to replace human, RPA is to empower human. “

M-BOT™ is a Virtual Hardworking Employee that :

Work 24 x 7 x 365

100% Consistency

Wont Complain of Tiredness

100% Accuracy

Always Motivated

No Sick Leaves

20x Faster

Fast Learner




Reduce Cost

Low Technical Barrier

Eliminating Repetitive Tasks

Improved Regulatory Compliance


Work 24/7, with Less Prone to Errors

Non - Invasive Technology

Increase Efficiency & Minimize Mistakes

Increase Strategic Initiatives and Innovation

Enhance Customer's Satisfaction




M-Bot™️ is able to handle various work processes as below

Task Management

Reading, extracting structured data (e.g. from Excel, Words, Email, XML, PDF, Website, Text Files)

Workflow and Notification

Reading, extracting data and using that to send out emails based on specified decisions and rules specified

System Integration

Merging data from multiple systems

OCR and Image Recognition

Reading scanned PDF documents and picking up key data for computation and checking

Data Managing

Performing calculations and data validations


Record user's actions and creates the bot according to the work, no programming skills required.

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